A short video by Steampunk Girl

What happens when Steampunk Girl is stuck in a waiting room with her killer laptop? Robots Wars, steampunk style! Harvard vs. Yale! Alas, the first few seconds of audio are clipped, just know it starts with “Yale is awesome!” (Cough, cough, I know….)

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2 Responses to “A short video by Steampunk Girl”

  1. AndyMoorer says:

    Love the video…is that the one you made last year on the “MacBook Pro FX – Moonbase Edition” ? ;)

  2. shanmoon says:

    Yes… I really need to tweak the audio and keyframing just a bit if I can find the original. When I uploaded it to facebook it ripped off the first few seconds of “Yale is awesome!” (Ick…still kills me to say anything good about Yale. Blech!)

    While I’m at it, I think I need to Steampunk my tower case and maybe one of my MAME cabinets… I am seriously jealous of that Steampunk laptop on Datamancer.