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    Steampunk began as sub-genre of fantasy/speculative fiction in the 1980s. It denotes an era or world where steam power is still widely used (i.e. 19th century), and often set in Victorian era England, but with prominent elements of either SF or fantasy. Steampunk has evolved into a hacker-esque subculture of cosplayers, engineers, and makers. Steampunk Girl shares her insights into the culture here. Note: This is not an actively maintained site. It was a POC.
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    Steampunk Analog Instruments

    Posted By shanmoon on March 11, 2010



    I discovered these freaky little blip boxes by Designer Yoshi Aki. What’s most interesting about this is the Steampunk design aesthetic.

    My personal favorite is the “Cube”, a 4 Channel 16 Step Drum Sequencer.

    The main box has 4 input section. each square has 4 different trigger pattern on a side.
    Each cube makes a unique sound.

    Putting the cubes on the main box makes drum pattern and rotating the cube makes a new drum sequence.

    The Cube in action….

    Star Wars Steam

    Posted By shanmoon on February 24, 2010

    I’ve got some new toys for my desktop… steampunk Star Wars action figures! Droids rock, and they rock more when they are steamed!

    The imperial figures are pretty nifty too, but nothing beats R2-D2, the coolest ‘bot of all time.

    A short video by Steampunk Girl

    Posted By shanmoon on February 11, 2010

    What happens when Steampunk Girl is stuck in a waiting room with her killer laptop? Robots Wars, steampunk style! Harvard vs. Yale! Alas, the first few seconds of audio are clipped, just know it starts with “Yale is awesome!” (Cough, cough, I know….)

    The Whirlygig Emoto

    Posted By shanmoon on February 9, 2010

    This lovely Steam Electric Hybrid Motorcycle was featured at the 1st annual Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa, Ca. as part of the Ratchet and Rumble Crew.The Whirlygig also traveled to San Mateo, California for the Bay Area Maker’s Faire and recieved a Make Magazine Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon!

    The story of the making of this masterpiece can be found at the owner’s website.

    I’d love to ride off with this bike! I wonder what the top end is? I need to plan my get away with this beauty.

    Steampunk Laptop

    Posted By shanmoon on February 8, 2010

    Steampunk LaptopThis is the finest bit of Steampunk engineering that Steampunk Girl has seen to date. It may look like a Victorian music box, but inside this intricately hand-crafted wooden case lives a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop that runs both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. It features an elaborate display of clockworks under glass, engraved brass accents, claw feet, an antiqued copper keyboard and mouse, leather wrist pads, and customized wireless network card. The machine turns on with an antique clock-winding key by way of a custom-built ratcheting switch made from old clock parts.

    Look here for the details on the making of this steampunk masterpiece.